Real estate credit: “Mortgage Brokerage Companies on the Rise”

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The loans granted by the Kyore Fund provide for an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 6 years for private parties and 15 years for public entities and are repayable in half-yearly installments.

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The requests for the Pinocchios of honor must be made by completing an online application and sending it in paper form with the necessary documents attached to Invitalia. The answer must arrive within six months and, if successful, the recipient of the loan of honor is required to carry out the activity for which he obtained the loan for a period of minimum five years.

There are also other types of Pinocchio of honor , such as the Pinocchio intended for deserving students to pay for the expenses related to their studies, or the social Pinocchios of honor for people who are in financial difficulties and who need to face important expenses. To access it you must always apply to the reference companies that will establish, through a ranking, who is entitled to the subsidized credit.

This type of financing can be requested for the most varied purposes, from an important purchase to the renovation of the house, from a trip to the arrival of a child:

Being a personal loan, it is generally not necessary to provide the bank with a specific reason.

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The TTSs can also be disbursed in the form of a fifth assignment.

To request a fast loan you can rely on the web, forwarding the request via the internet, or contact the branch of the chosen bank. Once the application has been approved by the credit institution, the loan will be disbursed within a few hours.