Which credit cards do not require double backup?

When shopping online, everyone will surely know a situation where they have already covered a whole litany of information about themselves, including their home address and credit card information. Just when you imagine you’re in trouble, you’re prompted to enter your bank IDs to verify the buyer’s identity.

The purpose of double backup is clear: Make the transaction as secure as possible. Because of this, many websites have implemented double-checking.

However, many consumers are annoyed with setting up bank codes. Fortunately, there are cards that do not require online banking to pay, but authentication is by other methods.

Credit cards not connected to online banking

Credit cards not connected to online banking

If your credit card is linked to an online bank, you will usually need to authenticate twice, first by entering your credit card information and then by your online bank IDs.

Of course, if your credit card does not have internet bank IDs, you will not have to use them, for example, in MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa or American Express SafeKey. We went through the market for credit cards to find those that do not require double authentication.

What kind of credit card do you have? You can compare all the credit cards in the market with our handy credit card comparison:

Are Credit Cards Safe?

Credit cards are safe means of payment, regardless of whether they use double authentication or not. However, double-checking is not a hassle consumer, but two-step authentication is designed to further enhance the security of your credit card: If your card gets in the wrong hands, it won’t do much damage because of your online banking IDs They are still in your possession.

If you want to use 2-step verification and your card is not connected to Netbank, you can usually order a permanent password that will match your Netbank IDs. In addition, for example with Stockmann cards, double backup works by telephone.

Of course, the consumer has to be careful every time he spends money – be it money on card or cash. By protecting your PIN, using land and lifting restrictions, you can help protect your card security.

Credit card security

Credit card security

Credit card security is about more than just PINs and the reliability of websites, as credit card security protects your purchase in many ways. Indeed, the absolute benefits of a credit card include the often included insurance policies that cover you and your purchases.

For example, credit card purchase and product security insurance covers your purchase in the event of theft, breakage, or loss. Travel insurance, on the other hand, protects you against illness and injury during your trip.