22 Things to Do at the Sedona Public Library in the Village in 2022 Independent Verde


The new year has finally arrived and 2022 is shaping up to be a great year. We settled into our beautiful location in the old Big Park School Library at 25 West Saddlehorn Road. We are excited about the opportunities our new library branch has to build community.

Here are 22 things to do at the Sedona Public Library in the Village in 2022. How many items can you tick off your list?

  1. Meet your friends for coffee and a chat.

  2. Check out a book written by a local author.

  3. Place a heart on the Tree of Kindness donated by Sedona Kind.

  4. Read the Wall Street Journal, the Arizona Republic, or the Red Rock News.

  5. Access the free Wi-Fi on the terrace while enjoying the spectacular view of the red rocks.

  6. Work remotely from one of our small conference rooms.

  7. Check out the latest issue of Consumer Reports.

  8. Add a piece to the puzzle.

  9. Scan documents to your email or USB drive using Library Document Station.

  10. Sign up for an appointment on Tech Tuesday to learn how to download free e-books, audiobooks and e-magazines from our digital collection.

  11. Learn how to create a playlist, place reservations, and freeze and unfreeze your reservations in Aspen Discovery, the new YLN online library catalog.

  12. Browse section 641.77 to find a recipe book for your new air fryer.

  13. Suggest an item to buy.

  14. Share your favorite children’s book with your grandchild.

  15. Admire the indoor and outdoor plants tended by the Sedona Area Garden Club.

  16. Post a flyer for a non-profit organization on the community bulletin board.

  17. Donate items for the pantry. The donation box is located near the loan office.

  18. Download the YLN app and use it to find other library locations, view your library account, and access the digital collection.

  19. Check your library items using your library card in the self-checkout system.

  20. Make an appointment for free notary services on Wednesdays.

  21. Browse the bookstore shelves and buy books to support Friends of the Library.

  22. Support your library by joining FOL, being a sponsor, making a donation, or all of the above!

This list is just the beginning of many library services at the Sedona Public Library in the village. As we head into the New Year, we hope to offer Arizona humanities programs, community book discussions, and other programs in the village. More information to come. Staff and volunteers are there to help; we look forward to assisting you with your library needs.

To ensure the success of the Village of Oak Creek, the library needs your financial support. The Sedona Public Library is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. To make a tax-deductible donation to the Sedona Public Library in the village, please visit sedonalibrary.org/donate or send your check to 3250 White Bear Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336. Be sure to designate your donation at the Library of town !


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