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The Pasadena Public Library recently launched a new digital resource help nowan online live tutoring and e-learning platform.

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help now provides tools for learners of all ages through qualified tutors using the curriculum and state standards whose expertise best matches the learner’s specific needs. Accessible through the Pasadena Public Library website, this live, real-time homework help is available via laptop, tablet, or phone.

Subject specific tutoring

help now offers subject-specific tutoring. Language and math lessons in English and Spanish are available 24/7. K-12 core subject tutoring in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog is available daily between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. HelpNow also caters to non-academic tutoring needs, such as resources to take the citizenship test. During tutorial sessions, tutors can provide a virtual whiteboard, conduct live audio interactions with students, and work with learners on a wide range of concepts. Students are expected to work on the content and learn from the feedback. Tutors don’t provide answers – they provide guidance and help. Tutoring sessions can be monitored for completeness and pedagogical effectiveness. All tutors have passed background checks and have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree. The HelpNow platform is ADA compliant and offers a toll-free helpline and audio tutoring option. The service complies with section 508 of the standards developed by the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Support for students of all ages

The Pasadena Public Library aims to support students of all ages with an array of free resources to invest in community success. help nowfunded by the State of California and administered by the California State Library, provides an additional means of supporting library users, expanding the Pasadena Public Library’s commitment to being a community resource.

Access to HelpNow: (listed in the “A to Z Database List”).

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