A coastal engineer will discuss Wexford’s erosion work in a special library presentation

Few counties have suffered as much coastal erosion as Wexford over the past decade. With over 260km of coastline, over 70 beaches and 11 piers and harbours, the county has been buffeted by storms on several occasions in recent years causing significant chunks of coastline to disappear into the sea. George Colfer is an engineer Coastal Council of Wexford County and he will discuss the work he is undertaking to tackle climate change during a special presentation at Wexford Library on Thursday 15 September at 11am.

At the beginning of the presentation, George will give an overview of the main aspects of the coastline, highlighting some of the most important and challenging issues. Around 80% of Wexford’s coastline is soft and much of it is subject to erosion. George will describe the areas at risk of erosion around the coast and identify some of the challenges caused by erosion and the impacts of climate change. It will summarize the major studies and surveys commissioned by state agencies over the years to identify problems along the Wexford coast and to secure the funding to carry out the necessary protective works.

Rosslare Strand is a very dynamic coastal system with the beach and dune system either side of Wexford Harbor subject to continuous change, erosion and sedimentation. Wexford County Council has been concerned about erosion here for many years and as a result significant coastal protection works have been built since the 1950s. As a case study George will present details of the Rosslare’s €8 million Coastal Erosion and Flood Relief Programme, looking at the historic coastal protection works carried out to date. It will describe the context of the current program and show the plans in place to implement this important coastal protection program. This is a very important program to reduce risk to homes, businesses and the community itself, which is particularly relevant as mean sea levels are expected to rise and the frequency and severity of coastal storms are expected to rise. increase.

With over 70 beaches including six Blue Flag beaches and nine Green Coast beaches, George will describe the work involved in ensuring bathing water quality and maintaining the international Blue Flag standard. In beach management, George will show liaison and coordination with a wide range of agencies and organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency, Health Service Executive and An Taisce.

Wexford County Council operates 11 piers and ports, including Kilmore Quay, the largest local authority operated port in the country. George will provide an overview of major civil works and how to obtain central government funding before concluding with a summary of the uses and benefits of the coast.

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