Al Gannas Society Launches Special Library at Hunting & Falcons Expo


The Al Gannas Company is launching the Company Library Project at the Katara (Suhail) International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition in its first edition, which begins tomorrow and runs through September 24.

Al Gannas Company President Ali bin Khatem Al Mehshadi (pictured) said the library project includes more than 150 books on falconry and hunting in Qatar, the Arab world and the world in Arabic, in English and other languages ​​in order to preserve the heritage of falconry in Qatar and around the world, and to strengthen the efforts of Unesco, which recognized falconry as a World Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

He added that Al Gannas Society will work on showcasing future projects through its own wing at the exhibition, which includes everything related to the company and its achievements locally and internationally. He pointed out that the Suhail exhibition will be full of surprises such as the announcement of the launch of membership and the receipt of applications.

The applicant must be Qatari to complete the form and be over 18 years old. During the exhibition days, passports will be issued for the birds in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment as well as the announcement of the competition schedule by the end of this year, notably the Qatar Championship 2017 , which runs from November 2-4, and the Al Gannas Company Championship runs from November 29 to December 2.


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