An updated manual for resizing university library collections


CHICAGO – Honored with numerous distinctions, including a star review in Library Journal, the first edition of “Rightizing the Academic Library Collection,” published by ALA Editions, demonstrated the power and flexibility of “rightsizing,” an approach that applies an evolutionary, rule-based strategy to help academic libraries balance space and collection management. . In the five years since the first edition of Suzanne M. Ward, the shared printing infrastructure has grown in leaps and bounds, as has the coordination between programs. With this review, Mary E. Miller addresses new options as well as the growing urgency to protect risky securities as you shrink your physical collection. Readers will feel confident in tailoring their institution’s collections with this book’s expert advice on:

  • the concept of resizing, a strategic and largely automated approach that uses continuous assessment to identify unused and underused materials in the collection, and its five basic elements;
  • developing a resizing plan, from developing removal criteria and creating reject lists to workflow management and disposal of removed materials, with an emphasis on management project;
  • move towards “facilitated collection” with a mix of local, external and collaborative services;
  • six discussion areas for decisions about participating in a shared printing program;
  • factors in the choice of a collection decision-making aid;
  • relations with stakeholders;
  • how to manage printed resources after your library grants perpetual access rights to the electronic equivalent; and
  • future directions for resizing

Miller is director of collections management and preservation at the University of Minnesota Libraries in Minneapolis, MN. She has written and lectured on archives and preservation, print sharing programs, and consortium collection management. His current research interests include issues of print retention in academic libraries, risk factors for monograph retention commitments, models for determining the number of copies needed nationally to ensure the survival of titles. barely owned and best practices for intentional, data-driven collection management. . Ward retired in 2017 from Purdue University Libraries in West Lafayette, Indiana. She has written extensively on Patron-Led Acquisitions, publishing “A Guide to Implementing and Managing Patron-Led Acquisitions” in 2012 and giving presentations on the topic nationally and internationally.

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