Austin Public Library to provide free library cards to students across Travis County

Students enrolled in any Travis County school can get a free library card from the Austin Public Library starting Friday, even if they live outside of the Austin city limits.

Library cards are already free for city residents, but people who don’t live in Austin must pay a quarterly fee of $ 30 or an annual fee of $ 120 to get one. Now, these fees will be waived for all students who live or attend school in Travis County. This includes students in private schools, daycare centers and charter schools as well as students who are homeschooled. Fees are waived until graduation from high school.

“We are very pleased to be able to extend access to library materials to all students in Travis County,” Austin Public Library Director Roosevelt Weeks said in a press release. “One of the six core priorities of the Austin Public Library is” advancing literacy, “and removing a financial barrier to accessing library resources for tens of thousands of people. Travis County students will significantly boost literacy and learning in the Greater Austin community. “

The Austin Public Library says the change was made possible after Austin City Council approved an updated budget for the library system in August.

Library cards for non-residents of Austin work the same as cards that residents of Austin can get. People who have them can access books, music, DVDs, and other materials at any of Austin’s 21 libraries. A library card also allows people to access virtual offerings in the library system, such as e-books, audiobooks, and videos.

The library system says it is contacting Travis County school districts and private schools to give students library cards directly. Students can also apply for a card with a parent or co-signing guardian at any site offer services in person or apply online here.

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