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RReminder: For the month of August, the library will be closed for in-person use on Friday evenings from 6-9:00 p.m. Curbside pickup will be available, however, from 6-8:30 p.m. note that the library is closed on Sundays in July and August. You can access the library catalog and other library services online at any time at

Author interview with Liz Moore

Join a live author event on Tuesday, August 9 with New York Times bestselling author Liz Moore as she discusses her international bestseller, “Long Bright River,” and her other works.

The novel is set in Philadelphia, where Moore has lived for a decade. It traces the story of two sisters far apart but bound by their choices. Mickey is a cop and Kacey lives down the street in the vice of addiction. When Kacey goes missing, Mickey panics for his sister’s safety, obsessed with finding the culprit and his sister before it’s too late.

Drawing on deeply personal volunteer work, Liz Moore tells a story that is both graphically honest and dignified. “Long Bright River” puts a very human face on the effect addiction can have on generations of families and communities.

Visit our online calendar at to register for this virtual event, hosted by the Library Speakers Consortium. Visit to browse upcoming author conferences.

Ocean animal fun

Dive into sea animal lore on Tuesday, August 9, as we take a closer look at our tuxedoed friend – the penguin. Join us again on Tuesday, August 16, when we focus on fish.

Our marine animal exploration programs start at 11:00 a.m. and are aimed at children from kindergarten to grade two. Enjoy themed stories, activities and crafts on the green. Please register each child who will be attending. Visit our online calendar at to register.

A conversation about climate change

Climate change is increasingly affecting our planet and its people. Despite a strong consensus within the scientific community on the role of humanity in climate change, the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has proven to be very hard.

On Monday, August 20, Mathias Vuille, professor of atmospheric and environmental sciences at the University of Albany, will discuss the major impacts of climate change, both locally and globally. A main part of the presentation will focus on how we could reduce our vulnerability by transforming our infrastructure and our energy production, despite existing technological, socio-economic and political challenges.

Visit our online calendar at to register.

or frenzy

Not sure what to read, watch or listen to next? Our bundles of books for all ages include selections handpicked for you by one of our librarians based on the reading preferences you share through this form: We use this information to narrow down 10 curated selections across your favorite genres and formats – maybe with a surprise or two added!

—Kristen Roberts

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