Black Metal Exhibition Coming to National Library of Norway in 2023

There are certainly plenty of documentaries to be found on the internet and elsewhere if one really wants to dive deep into the realm of black metal and its haunting legacy. Black metal even got the Hollywood treatment as a director Jonas Akerlundthe movie of 2018 Chaos Lords, which chronicles the church burnings and bands associated with early black metal in Norway to strangely stunning effect. But, let’s face it: nobody cares much about anything unless it’s hanging on the wall of a museum. This is exactly what will happen in Norway next year, as the National Library in Oslo, the nation’s capital, will present an unprecedented curation of black metal.

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The news was announced via an Instagram post from Inferno Festival Norway, which read: “In April 2023, the National Library in Oslo is opening a new exhibition about the dark and chaotic feelings of Norwegian black metal. Drawing from the library’s rich collection, the exhibition references early Norwegian cultural history and shows black metal as a form of music with a distinct artistic expression The exhibition shows how Norwegian black metal has had an impact far beyond the Norwegian borders with a large number of international followers. The National Library of Norway invites fans and other lovers of music and cultural history to deepen and explore Norwegian black metal as a musical genre and cultural phenomenon. There will be guided tours every day of the festival week.

There’s no full rundown yet of what the exhibition will feature, but given the venue, I’m sure we can expect a genuinely sobering display of Norway’s early black metal scene in all its glory. tragic splendor. You can visit the National Library of Norway on their website here. (Note: it is written in Norwegian, so you will need to translate the page).

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