Boston Public Library launches Spice Bank Collective


BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – The Boston Public Library is collecting spices to help spread wealth during the holiday season.

The library announced on Wednesday the launch of the BPL Spice Bank collective in collaboration with the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). Through the fundraiser, people are encouraged to donate their unopened spices and dried herbs to their local participating branch.

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With the help of GBFB, each branch will donate the spices to a local pantry. BPL’s Roxbury branch nutritional literacy coordinator Stephanie Chace said the campaign’s goal is to empower others.

“It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time,” she says. “We use the food bank to keep track of the selection of certain spices, so [people] can prepare their own food.

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BPL hopes the spice collection “will provide a way to maintain a sense of cultural identity and family traditions, encourage creative and nutritious cuisine, and promote the abundant cultural makeup found in Massachusetts.” .

Donations for the Spice Bank will be accepted until 2022. A list of all locations can be found on the BPL website.

WBZ’s Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) has more on this tasty story:


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