Do you feel watched, monetized and perhaps manipulated? A university library can help | Life

There is incredible energy around the University of Idaho as we welcome our returning students and celebrate new additions to the Vandal family. The UI library is once again full of students studying, socializing, and using our many resources and services.

As a college library, we are focused on connecting our students to high-quality resources, helping them find community, and lowering the cost of a college education through our open educational resource and library reserve programs. . We are also deeply invested in training students to become better researchers and savvier consumers of information.

Giving our students tools and skills to better navigate the information they encounter becomes more important every year. We all work, play, shop, communicate with family and friends, watch the news, and even walk around town with our phone in our pocket. These activities are all monitored, monetized and manipulated by entities that attempt to alter our behavior for their own benefit. The sheer volume of information, misinformation, misinformation, marketing and advertising that we encounter on a daily basis is exhausting, and the resulting fatigue and confusion make us more likely to confuse fiction with fact and lies with truth. As educators, we want to equip our students to fully understand the information environment in which we all live.

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