Duluth Public Library goes from page to screen


DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) – Starting on New Years Day, Duluth Public Library is launching a new video and music streaming service.

The service will use an application called Hoopla.

Hoopla will allow library users to stream videos, music, e-books, audiobooks and more without setting foot in the library.

The service is free, but only for holders of a Duluth Public Library card.

“This is our New Year’s gift to Duluth,” said Steph Myers, Duluth Public Library Supervisor for Adult and Technical Services.

According to Myers, their current digital option doesn’t support video or music streaming, so they change over time.

The Hoopla app allows users to read or stream on devices ranging from smartphones to smart TVs.

“As more and more people turn to streaming services, libraries are trying to keep pace,” Myers said.

According to Myers, it’s important for the library to deliver content to cardholders without increasing their monthly expenses.

“Streaming services can add up for people and with smart TVs becoming more prevalent, it’s a good way for people to access and stream for free from their homes,” Myers said.

For some northerners, Hoopla will not only provide access to more content, but also to a greater variety of content beyond traditional providers.

“A lot of times the streaming platforms I have don’t have the movies I want to watch,” said Stone Riskky, a longtime client of the library.

Riskky is thrilled to be able to stream at home, but said she comes to the library building for more than she can borrow.

“I really love the environment, I love spending time with my friends,” Riskky said, proving that some experiences cannot be streamed.

The length of time items can be borrowed depends on the item.

Movies and TV episodes can be borrowed for three days, music can be borrowed for a week, and eBooks and audiobooks can be borrowed for up to three weeks.

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