El Paso City Public Library Highlights Banned Books in New Section

EL PASO, Texas – The City of El Paso has partnered with YWCA El Paso to bring banned and disputed books to all public libraries.

The forbidden books ceremony took place on Saturday at the Community Center of Chamizal.

The new section is themed “Every Story Matters”. The YWCA said this was to draw attention to the need for inclusion within the community.

They collected donations from the city and the community of El Paso, but said they continue to collect them in order to have these sections in all public libraries in El Paso.

District 2 City Representative Alexandra Annello, who is also part of the collaboration, said it was a resolution that City Council, along with the YWCA, passed a few months ago and that it was now revealed.

She said it was in response to the attack on education and information that was unfolding in the state.

“The state can limit what schools provide, but it can’t limit what cities and public libraries provide, so we really want to end solidarity with our education system statewide, return those books available and declare that we, as a community, are not accepting this kind of hatred,” Annello said.

Over the past year, the book ban in Texas schools has gained momentum.

Republican lawmakers have pushed to remove books from schools they deem pornographic.

Texas State Representative Jared Patterson of Frisco wrote a letter to Texas school districts in March.

In the letter, Rep. Patterson wrote, “If we unite against explicit materials for children, book sellers will be forced to adapt.”

If you would like to donate books, you can visit this website.

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