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Need to wear clean masks

The Gazette’s Sunday Perspective (November 28, 2021), titled “Mask Moderation,” certainly provided a broad perspective on the effectiveness of face masks in slowing the spread of COVID. However, the vital need to wear clean masks has not been addressed. As this pandemic continues, I regularly see people wearing dirty and stained face masks (especially cloth masks). I see people hanging their used face masks on the rearview mirror of their cars for future use. Who knows… maybe the used masks are just thrown in the backseat or on the floor of the car.

What motivates this complacency? Is there a reluctance to bear the cost of more masks? Do the incessant political fluctuations to mask the demands contribute to the nonchalant attitude?

I shudder sometimes when I think of face masks worn by children. God bless these little people. At the end of a typical school day, their masks brightened up a Petri dish. I suspect a lot of these kids have to wear the same mask day in and day out.

Could face masks really contribute to Colorado’s lingering COVID problems? Dr. Mitchell Liester’s “Viewpoint” in The Gazette (December 1) asks “What is happening in Nebraska? Where “Colorado’s death rate is 24 times that of Nebraska.” Are Nebraska’s limited face mask requirements contributing to their success?

West Stem

Colorado springs

Politics and the Public Library

Regarding your article on the public library: Indeed, “it is rare that the board does not reappoint the members of the board of directors, in particular those who occupy managerial positions”. It’s almost unheard of unless you’ve calculated that attacking and misrepresenting the good people who work in the public library will serve your crass political ambitions.

The Public Library is one of the few places in our community where everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or what you think. It is a place where soldiers and socialists can meet at the same table, engage in civil discourse and leave with respect for each other. It is a place where grandfathers and granddaughters explore magic. And yes, this is a place where the poorest of us can read Milton Friedman and Karl Marx. In short, there is no place more “American” than the First Amendment public library.

Council member Wayne Williams was right when he said politics interferes with the management of the public library. He should know; it is he who leads the attack.

Guillaume Thomas

Colorado springs

Heating costs in winter could double

I’m sorry if I missed the Gazette’s analysis of our new increase in natural gas rates from Colorado Springs Utilities. Here is my own analysis:

I have verified the accuracy of “26.8% increase for the average residential customer” announced by Utilities; that’s very close to the 27% increase I calculated for my own home — for this rate increase. In fact, the combined increases over the past year in natural gas have tripled our consumption costs since October 2020 (an increase of 202%) and more than doubled since November 2020 (an increase of 118%).

The landline charge of 40 cents per day has not changed, so my total cost as an “average customer” has more than doubled from November of last year – over 100% more. It’s important for customers to know that the cost of consumption – the only thing we can control – has tripled since October 2020, from 35 cents per hundred cubic feet (CCF) to $ 1.05.

Conclusion: our heating costs in winter could be double, and not “26.8% higher”.

Richard K. Lancaster

Colorado springs

These ignorant barnyard quarrels

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to read the Our Viewpoint title, “Boebert Should Blast Omar For Fanatic Tropes”. Why should our elected officials live up to the job we elected them to do when the editors-in-chief of major newspapers insist on encouraging and encouraging the absurd incivility that seems to take the place of governing, of making our country truly better for everyone and for, God forbid, propose and adopt laws? Since when has the crudest, most outrageous and obnoxious person of all fields become the “editor’s darling”? If a leader called another leader these names would you support him? …… Never! If Apple called another IT company these names, would you pick your side and endorse them on the editorial page? …… Never!

You could point it out on a 9 page, but you’d have more editorial class than boldly making a big deal out of it. Until the media can finally ignore these ignorant backyard bickering, there will be no reason for our lawmakers to finally get to work to represent us meaningfully and effectively.

Angie adams

Colorado springs

Channel water to the Front Range

As the arid West experiences water shortages and the Colorado River and Lake Powell record record lows with no end in sight, I believe I have a long-term solution. If we can build an oil pipeline from Texas to New York (the Colonial Pipeline is 5,500 miles), why can’t we build water pipes from the Great Lakes to the Front Range? Lake Michigan in Denver is approximately 1,000 miles. A pipeline carrying water would have little impact on the environment since it carries water, not a toxic substance. The pipelines could be installed along the right-of-way of high power transmission lines. Think about what could become of the dry plains of eastern Colorado. If you’ve come down the mountain in the Imperial Valley in California, you’ve got it. Without the Colorado River it would be a desert, instead it is one of the most productive farmlands in the United States.

The pipeline (s) could feed into the Colorado River somewhere north of Denver, providing a reliable source of water to much of the arid west through the existing Colorado River system so that no further construction major would be necessary. If we can move millions of gallons of oil across the country, why not water?

Pete Leonard

Colorado springs


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