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Next to Gita Lodge

Louise wakes up. She has a headache, her mouth is dry and her memory is cloudy. She rolls over to her husband Neil. But it’s not Neil who is next to her. In fact, she’s never seen this guy. And he’s dead… Louise struggles to relate her memories, so it’s clear to Detective Jona Scenes and her team that she is their prime suspect.

We Want What We Want: An Alix Olin Story

With a very interesting “Money, Geography, Youth” Vanessa returned home after a year off volunteering in Ghana and learned that her father was engaged to her childhood best friend. Unable to harmonize the girl who went dancing with her in second year of middle school and the woman in her father’s bed, Vanessa turns to another old friendship for her own unique distraction.

In a Cautious City by S Qiouyi Lu

Anima is an extrasensory human whose mission is to watch over and protect the citizens of Ora through a complex web of life called Gleaming. While her world is limited to what she can see and experience through the glitter, Anima takes pride and comfort in keeping Ora out of harm’s way. When a mysterious stranger enters the city with a Hall of Wonders from around the world, the world of the anima expands beyond Ora’s borders, with possibilities she never imagined before.

Richard Roeper’s youth

From the outside, Joel looks like a successful photo. A successful TV writer, I’m still with him, and I’m in love with my teenage lover, Amber. But he collapsed at the seams. He returned home to find his best friend Theo. Theo lives in his parents’ hut and takes care of his hurt heart and hurt ego, and is convinced that his life will not get worse. Then he was expelled on his 30th birthday. He thinks it’s over until the real world appears on his doorstep.


Anti-Social Network: GameStop Short Squeeze and the Ragtag Group of Amateur Traders Kneeling on Wall Street by Ben Mezrich

Best-selling author Ben Mezrich got the first shot of a revolution when a group of loosely affiliated subreddit investors and internet trawlers called WallStreetBets defeated one of Wall Street’s biggest hedge funds. Provides a fascinating, beat-by-beat, description of how this can confuse the establishment.

Tunnel 29: The true story of Helena Merriman’s extraordinary escape under the Berlin Wall

In the summer of 1962, a young student named Joachim Rudolf dug a tunnel under the Berlin Wall. Dozens of men, women and children were waiting on the other side of East Berlin. Everyone was ready to risk everything to escape.

Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law by Mary Roach

What should I do about J-Walking Moose? 300 years ago, animals that broke the law were given legal representation and brought to justice. As author Mary Roach recently discovered, the answer most often lies in science, not law. The bizarre science of human-wildlife conflict, the discipline at the intersection of human behavior and wildlife biology.

Unbroken Thread: Sohrab Ahmari Uncovering the Wisdom of Tradition in the Age of Chaos

For thousands of years, the great ethical and religious traditions of the world have taught that true happiness lies in the pursuit of virtues and in accepting their limitations. But now, without being bound by these stubborn traditions, we are free to choose the way we think is best. There are only the fanciful desires that a wealthy and technologically advanced society is ready to satisfy.

for kids

My Favorite Book in the World by Malcolm Mitchell

This is the story of Hensley, a boy who has trouble reading. Reading is neither easy nor fun for him. When Hensley’s teacher gives the whole class the worst homework he has ever done, Hensley begins to panic if he doesn’t make it. After talking to his mother, Hensley had a great idea! Read this cute story with colorful illustrations and find great ideas for Hensley to win the Gold Star in her homework. A true story written by Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell.

For 4-8 years old.

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