Massive Kaiju fresco n ° 8 appears in the National Library of France

A new video from publisher Kazé shows a 45-meter-high Kaiju n ° 8 mural installed on the famous Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris.

A gigantic Kaiju n ° 8 mural was installed above the National Library of France, also known as the National Library of France.

The new mural was erected by manga publisher Kazé to promote the premiere of Naoya Matsumoto’s giant monster-focused series in the country. The mural is over 45 meters tall and depicts the kaiju (giant monster) form of the series’ protagonist, Kafka Hibino. The National Library of France was created in 1461 and has more than 40 million works in its collection. The library has teamed up with Kazé to organize an art exhibition for the popular shonen manga, which kicked off on October 6 and will be open until October 15.

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Kaiju n ° 8 takes place in a world where Japan is regularly attacked by giant monsters and tells the story of Kafka Hibino, a middle-aged loser who once dreamed of joining the Japanese Defense Force who fights kaiju with his childhood friend , Mina Ashiro. As Mina becomes a renowned soldier and JDF commander, Kafka fails the organization’s entrance exam and makes a living as part of the clean-up squad that clears the corpses of giant monsters after every battle. . After such a fight, Kafka accidentally ingests a small kaiju, which gives him the ability to transform himself into one of the mighty monsters. Now hunted down by the Defense Forces and his best friend, Kafka becomes the eponymous “Kaiju No. 8” and must learn to master his new abilities to become the hero he always dreamed of being.

The series was premiered by Naoya Matsumoto in 2020 and has gone on to become one of Shuiesha’s biggest hits. Shonen Jump + service, which is the online digital manga derivative of the popular Weekly Shonen Jump printed journal. The digital manga has received over 70 million views, while the collected print editions of the series have sold over 4 million copies worldwide. The series, as well as Tatsuya Endo’s spy-themed domestic comedy Spy X Family, have been recognized for helping to establish Shonen Jump +, and its English counterpart Manga More, as one of the world’s premier digital manga platforms. It was previously announced that the second part of the incredibly popular and critically acclaimed film by Tatsuki Fujimoto Man with chainsaw will change from the print edition of Shonen jump and will debut on Shonen Jump +.

Kaiju n ° 8 is published in English under the title Monster n ° 8 and is available digitally on the Manga More website, and also in print from VIZ Media.

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