National Digital Library – Librarian

The National Librarian, Prof. Chinwe Anunobi revealed that the federal government has digitized the national library in line with technological advancements.

Digitization, according to Anunobi, has made it possible to adjust and improve the service delivery of the library.

According to a statement made available to our correspondent in Abuja on Thursday, Anunobi said so during a briefing on the occasion of his first anniversary in office.

Speaking later in the statement, the National Librarian noted that, in line with the FG’s digital policy, the National Library has automated its services and operations to connect the old and the new, and to build informed citizenship, with information about our culture and heritage.

She also pointed out that the agency would not be outdone by tech trends.

She said, “The national library has about 57 years and 60 consecutive years of information resources.

“Some of our resources have deteriorated due to age and use, but to preserve them, we are committed to the digitization of this fragile heritage, increased availability by relying on technologies of the information and communication.

“They say that when you build automation into your workflow, you don’t kill some jobs, you make them work efficiently,” she said.

Unfolding her accomplishments, she noted that the agency had designed a virtual library and automated library operations, among other things.

She added, “We have developed the national repository to preserve our heritage, our library environment is now accessible to the public with the construction and renovation of state branches, we are strengthening literacy awareness to encourage documentation of the family heritage in indigenous languages.

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