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Fall is here, the temperatures are cooler, and it looks like we should start our winter reading by snuggling up with a blanket in our favorite chair and reading. Below are several new books that have just arrived on our shelves. Hope you find a few that you would like to snuggle up with.

“Gentrify: a memoir”, By Anne Elizabeth Moore. Anne is a Detroit arts organization, writer, and artist. She lives in a big city in a bungalow where she gardens and cultivates to intimately understand civic collapse and community solidarity. But her life is destabilized by the housing crisis and government corruption when the troubled story of her price house comes to light. It is a dissertation on art, genre, work, survival, a humorous investigation of a vexing city and a love letter to childhood. (921 Moore)

“Good Apple; tales of an evangelical from the south in New York ”, By Elizabeth Passarella. Elizabeth grew up in Memphis in a conservative Republican family with a Christian mother and a Jewish father. Then she moved to New York, fell in love with the city and ultimately with her husband, and changed. Kind of. She shares stories about everything, and although her politics have tilted to the left, she still puts her faith first and argues that the two can go together, for what it’s worth. (921 Passarel)

“The Chancellor: Angela Merkel’s remarkable odyssey.” By Kati Marton. Angela has always been a stranger. The daughter of a pastor raised in Soviet-controlled East Germany, she spent her early adulthood working as a research chemist, entering politics only after the fall of the Berlin Wall. And yet, in fifteen years, she became Chancellor of Germany and, before long, the unofficial leader of the West. Famously private, the woman who emerges from these pages is a role model for anyone interested in gaining and maintaining power while remaining true to their moral convictions. (921 Merkel)

“1000 years of joys and sorrows: a memory”, By Weiwei Ai. Hailed as “One of the most important artists working in the world today”, Weiwei wrote a memoir that presents a remarkable history of China over the past hundred years while informing its artistic process. Ai’s sculptures and installations have been seen by millions of people around the world, and his architectural accomplishments include assisting in the design of Bird’s iconic new Olympic Stadium in Beijing. This book offers an in-depth understanding of the myriad forces that have shaped modern China and serves as a timely reminder of the urgent need to protect freedom of expression. (921 IA)

“Unprotected: a thesis” By Billy Porter. Before Billy Was an Emmy-Winning Artist on the TV Show “Pose,” an acclaimed recording artist, actor, playwright, director and legend at every level, Porter was a young boy from Pittsburgh who was seen as different, who did not fit in. This book is the life story of a singular and surviving artist. It is the story of a boy whose talent and courage opened doors for him, but only a crack. It is the story of a young man whose unwavering determination has led him through countless difficult times to where he is now. (780.92 Doorman)

“King of the Blues: the rise and reign of BB King”, By Daniel De Vise. Born into great poverty in Mississippi in the 1920s, Riley “Blues boy” King found emancipation from grueling labor in the fields through music. Inspired by a local minister’s guitar and records by Blind Lemon Jefferson and T-Bone Walker, King was encouraged by his cousin, bluesman Bukka White, and taught his guitar to sing in the unique solo style that has become his trademark. This book showcases the vibrant life and times of a pioneering giant, but also reveals the many ways record companies have taken advantage of artists, especially those of color. (780.92 King)

By Arlette C. Dubord

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