‘Oceans of Possibility’: Shepherdstown Public Library Launches Summer Reading Program | News, Sports, Jobs

Human-Beaver Coexistence Fund founder Alison Zak reads a story about beavers on the steps of McMurran Hall Saturday morning. Ainsley Hall

SHEPHERDSTOWN — On Saturday morning, the Shepherdstown Public Library kicked off its summer reading program outside McMurran Hall, inviting Alison Zak, founder and executive director of the Human-Beaver Coexistence Fund to speak at the event.

The Summer Reading Program is important to the Shepherdstown Public Library as it helps motivate local children to read and participate in library events throughout the summer.

“He has a two-point goal”, said Youth Services Librarian Tish Wiggs. “The first is to encourage reading. There are studies that show kids have a reading slump in the summer, and you can lose a grade or two in reading if you don’t keep track of what you’re doing in school. Thus, it helps us to encourage children to continue reading. And for us, it encourages participation in library programs because we link them. And it helps us to figure out what kids are interested in and what kind of items we should collect. »

Shepherdstown Public Library has participated in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) for at least 30 years. This year the theme is “Oceans of possibilities. In line with this theme, Zak came to talk about a local aquatic animal, the beaver.

“What really interests me is how they interact with people and how people get along with wildlife and how they relate to nature,” Zack said. “My interests are really in the coexistence of people and wildlife. Here in our area, beavers are a bit of a hot topic in this area.

Shepherdstown Public Library Youth Services Librarian Tish Wiggs introduces special speaker for the library’s summer reading program launch event, Alison Zak, outside McMurran Hall on Saturday morning. Ainsley Room

Although the beavers don’t quite fit the ocean theme, Zak was asked to help the kids learn about the aquatic animals that live in the area.

“For us, an aquatic environment is a river” said Wiggs. “So it’s important for the children of the region. It is also important to locate it.

The library will continue to distribute summer reading diaries to its summer programs and at its current location until it closes on June 20. Any child who completes their reading book before July 20 can exchange it for a Shepherdstown Business coupon book. The Reading Log can be submitted during one of the upcoming programs throughout the summer.

“It’s something we really enjoy doing because it helps us learn more about our customers and makes sure we’re providing the best possible service.” Wiggs said, regarding the program offered to local teens and children. “Because that’s what we’re here for, to encourage reading. And we try to create a nice and peaceful environment that is fun to play and have fun in and make sure they grow up loving books.

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