Omaha Public Library accepts community art requests


OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – The Omaha Public Library is accepting artwork for an upcoming exhibition at the Michael Phipps Gallery downtown.

“We had sculptors, video presentations, even someone who put a big planter in the ground and she grew from there, we’re not just a painting on canvas, a frame on the wall,” Mark Sorensen, Art and Culture Librarian for the Omaha Public Library.

The library asks that art relate to education and literacy.

“My Frida Kahlo is what I intend to submit,” said Danny Reyes, artist. She has a lot of history and a strong influence and a lot of women revolve around her for what she stood for in her time. “

Reyes says it’s also a good opportunity for up-and-coming artists to market themselves.

“In all of my artwork I put an ‘F’ on every face to remind me to keep my confidence and open all possible doors for myself,” Reyes said.

The Omaha Public Library could have hand-selected its artists through a private selection process. Instead, library officials opened it up to the wider community to engage a more diverse group of artists.

A short 150 word essay is required with each application.

“In their statements, I would invite anyone to reflect on how their own identity, their own history, contributes to their art and really give it a place to shine,” Sorenson said. “I really hope I can get as many performances in the artist mix as we can.”

All mediums are encouraged in art submissions.

“Omaha is a very diverse community, arts organizations need to work hard to invite and celebrate artists from diverse populations,” Sorenson said.

Artists will receive an honorarium of $ 300 and their works will be presented for three months after selection. The deadline for submission is December 17th.

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