Piermont Public Library: Virtual Art Exhibition of the Month: Frances Wells: View of the River


November 1, 2021

For the month of November, we invite you to view our latest virtual art exhibition: Frances Wells: In View of the River. Please visit our website throughout the month https://www.piermontlibrary.org/artist-of-the-month/

Frances Wells: In View of the River

I have been fortunate to have lived on the Hudson since 1984 in South Nyack, Piermont, and now in Upper Nyack. Over all these years, I have witnessed countless dawn and dusk, the sun and moon rise with the slow and persistent movement of these bodies along the river with the change of seasons.

I see our river as an ever-changing work of art in itself. As a painter, I try to capture just a moment of its beauty with the hope that the viewer will be transported to a new place.

These are acrylic paints on light birch plywood painted in 2021, a pandemic year. They are all quite small, inviting the viewer to come closer and be more intimate with the work. But it is after all a virtual spectacle. If you would like to get closer and see these paintings “in person”, I welcome studio visits. You can email me ([email protected]) or text me or call me (845-521-0669) if you want to come. Hope you will.


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