Qatar National Library celebrates Arabic calligraphy


Doha: The Qatar National Library (QNL) will host a special week of events celebrating the arts of Arabic calligraphy from November 6 to 11, to explore its present and future, and highlight the role of artificial intelligence at the service of arts, culture and heritage.

The week of events will begin with the opening of entries for the Arabic Calligraphy Contest, provided that the owners of the top 30 works are tested to enter the contest before announcing a winner at the end of the event.

On November 7, the library, in cooperation with the HBKU College of Science and Engineering, Dr James She will give a lecture on the latest developments in artificial intelligence technologies and discuss how these can be applied in the arts and in the field of Arabic Calligraphy in particular.

On November 7, a session will explain how to find Arabic calligraphy resources in the library and highlight some books related to this beautiful art.

On this occasion, QNL information specialist Ahmed Al Naddaf underlined the library’s commitment to preserving Arab and Islamic heritage for future generations, indicating that Arabic calligraphy represents an essential aspect of Arab heritage over dozens. centuries, and in order to support this art and raise awareness of the role of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence in its development, the Qatar National Library looks forward to public interaction by attending and participating in these sessions.

This event will end on November 11 with a round table entitled “Artificial intelligence at the service of the arts, culture and heritage” on the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the contemporary world and the fundamental changes that will take place. ‘it has brought about new challenges in the fields of the arts and the humanities.

Experts attending this symposium will discuss AI developments around the world and their broad cultural and societal implications.


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