Qatar National Library to commemorate QND with community events


Doha, Qatar: The Qatar National Library will organize several community cultural, educational and artistic activities in December to celebrate Qatar’s National Day. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and activities related to the environment, art, history, gastronomy and architecture of the country.

The month will begin with a round table “Response of young Qatari to environmental problems” to December 2. The discussion will highlight two initiatives by young Qatari working for environmental sustainability, one of the UN’s sustainable development goals. Panelists will analyze Qatar’s current environmental sustainability and their expectations for the near future.

At December 4, the Library, in collaboration with the Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP) and with the support of SDGeneration, Greener Future and THIMUN Qatar, will invite families to “Help clean a beach in Qatar. “DEAP is a voluntary organization in Qatar that focuses on tackling plastic pollution to save and protect Qatar’s marine environment. Registration is now open until December 2.

At December 5, the Library will host the third “Qatar National Day Wikithon”, An event where community members can learn how to edit, improve and enrich Wikipedia content. The library’s Wikithon this year will focus on editing and enriching Arabic and English pages on Qatar-themed topics including history, nature and more.

This month the Library will organize storytelling evenings entitled “Hazawi from Qatar», Featuring a traditional tale about a sea monster. Children will be able to enjoy these Qatari heritage stories in the comfort of their homes on December 6, 8 and 13.

At December 7, the Library will host ‘Sheikh Sultan Duray‘, which will explore the history of 19th-century Qatari religious scholars and their role in disseminating and teaching religious knowledge in Qatar and the region. The program, “Religious Scholars of Qatar”, will be presented in English and Arabic.

On the same day, the Library will host a fun session of “Point, point, point!”For children, where they will use the stippling technique to create beautiful art. The online event will see kids engaging with a variety of colored markers, crayons, white paper and erasers to prepare their artwork.

At December 8, the Qatar National Library, in cooperation with the Msheireb Museums, will present a short film on Msheireb Houses which were built by hands who strived to create a better future for Qatar. The stories about Mohammed Bin Jassim House, Bin Jelmood House, Company House and Radwani House aim to inspire Qatari youth to continue on the path of growth and prosperity.

On the same day, participants can join Qatari leader Hissa Al Sulaiti on the Library’s Instagram account to learn more about the local cuisine and how to prepare a special dish. The event will highlight traditional Qatari dishes still present in our time, despite the emergence of modern foods, such as Qatari coffee, a must-have in all Qatari homes and majlis. Participants and members can also access some of the library’s electronic resources on Qatari recipes.

At December 9, participants can join the “Qatar’s national service obligation: conversation with Captain Jassim Al Jaber”To learn more about the goals and requirements of national service and the guidelines for Qatari citizens to be part of the Qatari national service.

The same day will see the launch of the first “Qatar National Day Podcast. “HE Sheikh Mohamed AJ Al-Thani, author of the book Jassim, the leader: founder of Qatar, will talk about his experience in writing this important biography.

At December 12, members can join the discussion “Contemporary architecture and town planning in QatarWith Professor Ali A. Alraouf, who will provide a critical analysis of Doha’s urban mega-projects and iconic architectural monuments, in addition to local and traditional architecture and town planning. The projects presented will include Education City, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Qatar National Museum, the Msheireb Cultural District and the traditional souks and neighborhoods.

The month will end with the “Qatar art exhibition for young adults, In which talented young artists will be invited to show their appreciation of Qatari culture through painting and other art forms. The two hour session on December 18 will give participants the opportunity to work alongside several members of Qatar’s artistic community.

To stay up to date on Qatar National Day events, please visit the The page dedicated to library events. The library is also gearing up with a lineup of exciting events for January 2022.

For a full list of events, please continue to visit the Events page on the Library website.


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