Ready for a month of culture and art at the Qatar National Library? – Doha News

The library is launching a series of events and activities for the month of October.

Art, culture, music and photography – these are just a few of the activities that the Qatar National Library (QNL) has scheduled for the month of October for the community to enjoy.

For those who have children and young adults at home, various activities will be readily available to satisfy their interest in learning and discovering new hobbies while expanding their knowledge.

Starting October 1, QNL will launch its first online GIF contest for people ages 12-18. This fun activity will allow participants to develop creative GIFs from images that represent the library’s distinctive digitized collections.

They can then upload their final work to Instagram with the hashtag #GIFwithQNL – and the price? The top three GIF makers will get seats as jury members at this year’s Ajyal Film Festival 2021.

The next day, the library will welcome Abdullah Hilal Almohannadi, a high school student who will discuss and raise awareness about the dangers of bullying and how to deal with it at school.

On October 5, the first Virtual Scientific Research Forum for Young Adults, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Qatar National Research Fund, will be held at this world-renowned facility.

Middle and high school students will be introduced to Qatar’s national scientific research priorities that will help them acquire research skills. Workshops will also be available for students to present their scientific projects to the public.

On October 6, QNL will organize an event to shed light on the diversity and breadth of jurisprudence schools in Qatar as part of the celebration of “Doha capital of culture in the Islamic world”.

The library will also host a session to highlight the efforts of the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed, in printing and publishing religious books to disseminate knowledge about Islamic culture.

As with all music lovers, a live concert by the Mosaic Ensemble, made up of members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, will take place in the library on October 6, during which around 20 musicians will perform classical Egyptian and Qatari songs.

October 10 will see a session on the importance of children’s mental health, while on October 13, a session on the new higher education strategy in Qatar.

October 16 will be dedicated to sustainability and environmental efforts, with sessions to teach the community about marine life, the impact of plastic pollution in Qatar, suggesting some simple solutions they can implement to protect the environment.

The library will also host a hands-on workshop by photographer Khalifa al-Obaidli, also director of the Tasweer Photo Festival, on October 22 and 23 as part of the “Between science and art: the beginnings of photography in the Middle East“exhibition.

This one focuses on the stories of early photographers, showcasing models of archaeological images that encapsulate some of the region’s most significant moments.

The spellbinding snapshots are considered one of the rarest collections in the world, as they date back to the announcement of photography’s discovery in 1839.

The rest of the month will also see several other activities that promote education, health and the arts.

Those who wish to participate in the activities can do so by visiting the library from Saturday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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