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Every month on lake effect, we’re partnering with the Milwaukee Public Library for our Book of the Month series to bring you new reading recommendations. For this month’s pick, we’ll hear from Matthew Arends, he’s a librarian at the Central Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library.

Milwaukee Public Library


Milwaukee Public Library Librarian Matthew Arends recommends Tiffany Aliche’s book “Get Good with Money” to kick off Financial Literacy Month.

April is financial literacy month and tax season. So to get your financial health in shape, he recommends reading Getting Good With Money: Ten Simple Steps to Become Financially Complete by Tiffany Aliché.

Arends says this read is a quintessential budget book that gets personal. Aliche covers topics ranging from monthly budgeting to investments and insurance. And it starts with Aliche’s own personal finance story.

“[Aliche] was an educator in the early 2000s, she was doing very well financially, but she was still young,” describes Arends. “She had a house, was saving money, so she was doing great…then finally the financial crisis of 2009 knocked her down.”

After returning home, Aliche began to understand her own finances and wanted to take others with her on a healthier financial journey.

Arends says the guiding sentiment shines through in the book. “I feel like she really wants you to succeed, which is evident in the book, which I think some budget books don’t,” he says. “Since it has so much content, it can meet you wherever you are.”

Throughout April, the Milwaukee Public Library is hosting webinars and events to kick-start your financial education for Financial Literacy Month.

MPL will host events such as How to Pay for Higher Education, which will take place on April 11 from 4-5 p.m. and What is Cryptocurrency?, which will take place on April 13 from 6-7 p.m. Arends also recommends checking out virtual events through Money Smart Week.

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