Social worker comes to downtown Santa Barbara public library

As winter approaches, Santa Barbara City Council on Tuesday approved a spending proposal of $ 93,000 to post a full-time social worker in the downtown public library, a popular resting place for those who have nowhere to go.

The contract provides for a social worker employed by the Family Service Agency to “proactively engage homeless people” and provide them with information about existing social services and have them signed into the computerized database shared by a multitude of people. government and non-profit agencies dealing with people who are homeless. In addition, the social worker will need to respond to calls for help from nearby properties and business owners, perform “special assignments” such as counting the homeless, observing and reporting criminal behavior, and working with them. Santa Barbara Police Department Homeless Awareness Team.

Actual expected work is budgeted at $ 84,665, but it is customary to include a 10 percent buffer if necessary. Of that money, $ 56,000 would go to the social worker in the form of wages and benefits. Of the remaining $ 29,000, $ 18,000 is expected to be spent on “direct” and “indirect” costs. The remaining funds – $ 10,000 – will be reserved for the program director and supervisor.

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