The National Library of Pakistan has opened a technology lab


The National Library of Pakistan now has a “Maker Lab”, which was started by the Advisor to the Minister of Public Affairs at the United States Embassy, ​​Ray Castillo, and the Deputy Secretary of the Division of National Heritage and of culture, Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon.

The lab will bring new tools and technologies to young Pakistani inventors and entrepreneurs, enabling them to innovate and experiment. The new Maker Lab is one of several technology labs in the 19 American Spaces of Pakistan, which was developed by the United States Embassy in Islamabad in partnership with the National Library of Pakistan.

American Spaces in Pakistan hosts STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities. These courses focus on modern technologies such as 3D design and printing, coding, robotics, and virtual reality.

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Pakistani students can learn new skills that will help them with various difficulties in the real world.

STEAM is also providing updates on the latest science and technology developments in the United States and all activities will be free and accessible to the public.

Minister Counselor Ray Castillo said, “The Maker Lab at Lincoln Reading Lounge will be a substantial resource for young leaders looking to hone their technological skills while deepening their relationship with the United States.


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