The National Library of Qatar offers a variety of cultural workshops in March

Doha: The Qatar National Library’s March calendar is jam-packed with events for all age groups. To celebrate Arabic Manuscript Day and to mark the significant impact of the Arabic language, the library is particularly focused on heritage, research and learning.

On March 2 and to celebrate the Arabic language, the library, in cooperation with the Qatari Authors’ Forum, will host Dr. Abdelhak Belabed, Associate Professor at Qatar University and a member of the Qatari Authors’ Forum, to discuss the role that the Arabic language plays in promoting the linguistic and cultural safety of its speakers.

On March 3, the library will host an interactive hands-on session that reflects its belief that the key to studying manuscripts is the ability to read correctly, understanding the basics of codicology and transcription methods. The session will begin with a theoretical introduction and guidance, followed by a hands-on reading by participants with Ahmed Mamdouh, manuscript copying specialist and reading trainer.

On March 6, the library will shed light on a popular topic discussed around the world – Metaverse. The event will bring attendees online to learn more about this latest technology. It also aims to highlight how this space is now expanding to include one of the most essential industries: education.

In its role as IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Center for Arab Countries and the Middle East, the library will host a webinar to mark the inauguration of the new Mass Deacidification Plant on March 7. The webinar will raise awareness of the importance of paper deacidification in the preservation of documentary heritage and its different techniques, in addition to sharing experiences on advances and challenges in deacidification research and methods.

On March 10, the library invites visitors to meet Qatari photographer Moudhi Hamad Al Hajri to celebrate her book In Love with Yemen. During her visit, Moudhi will discuss her trip to Yemen from 2007 to 2013, during which she photographed many landmarks of Yemeni civilization before war broke out.

On March 13, the library will host a series of lectures to answer questions about Islamic manuscript culture. Jointly organized by the Library and the Center for Manuscript Studies of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf Üniversitesi in Istanbul, the lectures will take place monthly and feature renowned international experts in Islamic codicology and manuscript studies, addressing to academics and the general public.

The library will host an interactive workshop on March 15 where young adults will learn about the importance of career guidance and choosing the right specialization. In collaboration with the Qatar Career Development Center, participants will have the chance to speak with experts in the field of career guidance and counseling, to help them define their goals and provide professional support to achieve their aspirations and goals. future.

On the occasion of Arabic Manuscripts Day, celebrated on April 4 and marking the beginning of Ramadan, the month of the Quran, the library will host an event on March 30 dedicated to the first and most important Islamic manuscript. of the Islamic faith: the Holy Quran. The symposium will bring together a number of international experts dealing with the traditions of Quranic manuscript production over 14 centuries, covering a wide geographical area.

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