The National Library organizes a creative content workshop based on local wisdom

The challenge is how libraries continue to play a role in improving people’s literacy in today’s digital age

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Library is organizing the Nusantara 2022 Local Creative Content Workshop to improve literacy in the digital age.

“The challenge is how libraries continue to play a role in improving people’s literacy in today’s digital age. The digital platform is an unlimited space for people to cultivate a love of reading and literacy,” said the head of library analysis and reading culture at the National Library. Development Center, Adin Bondan, said here on Monday.

Bondan remarked that literacy is crucial for the advancement of the nation and civilized individuals.

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According to Bondan, the culture of literacy has become more strategic in solving the nation’s problems, as it is strongly linked to human qualities.

A collective ecosystem of knowledgeable people is necessary to achieve a civilized society, he asserted.

Meanwhile, rapid developments in technology, particularly the Internet, present both a challenge and an opportunity for libraries, especially the National Library, in improving services to foster public interest in the literacy.

“The creativity of young people in producing various creative content on digital platforms offers new (ray of) hope for cultivating a passion for reading and literacy, especially through local creative content,” he said. -he explains.

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“Daily activities, talk shows/chats, tutorials, product reviews can all be turned into interesting content, and we call it creative content,” Bondan said.

The Nusantara Local Creative Content Workshop 2022 is a program to find and train content creators, who can popularize applied local wisdom and creativity, so that the love of reading and literacy can stay pertinent.

For more information on the activities, the public can visit the link Selected entrants will be offered workshops by content creators, and five selected pieces of content will be rewarded.

Registrations are open from September 12 to October 15, 2022.

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