The National Library will expand its archive of cartoons and novels on the Web

A view of the National Library of Korea in Seocho-gu, Seoul (National Library of Korea)

Web cartoons and web novels, which are becoming common forms of Korean content, will join the official collection list of the National Library of Korea.

The National Library said on Tuesday it had amended related regulations for the first time in 11 years to broaden the criteria for “official types and forms of online data to be collected.”

According to Article 20-2 of the Library Law, the National Library of Korea collects and preserves online materials with high preservation value among online materials.

Currently, it has about 18 million documents online and collects about 1.5 million every year.

However, online articles were only collected if they had been physically published. This limitation was removed in the recent revision, allowing unpublished pieces. The revised list also includes music data used in materials such as lectures, interviews, and audiobooks.

“This revision provides a basis for systematically collecting valuable online materials, including web cartoons, web novels, and sound sources that were originally omitted from the subject of preservation,” said Seo hye-ran. , director of the National Library, adding that the change does not mean that it would become mandatory for authors to submit their work online to the library.

“With this change, we expect more diverse materials to be collected and preserved at the National Library of Korea and passed on to future generations,” Seo added.

By Lee Jung-Youn ([email protected])

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