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A host of exciting new books are available for young readers at the Grand Forks Library thanks to a donation from the city’s Rotarians.

The books come from a series of interactive stories that read themselves, according to library director Cari Lynn Gawletz. The Grand Forks & District Public Library added eight of these ‘Vox books’, named after the Latin for ‘voice’, with a $500 grant from Rotary District 5080, which covers eastern British Columbia and parts of Oregon and Washington states.

“They’re very popular with kids,” Gawletz told The Gazette on Friday, Feb. 25.

Four-year-old Juniper Slade reads “Toasty” while hanging out in a hammock. Photo courtesy of Erin Slade

These must-reads are highly sought after not only for the gripping stories, but also for their interactive features. Kids can curl up with the books and either read the printed pages or listen as the built-in speakers tell the stories.

Cheryl Ahrens, president of the Grand Forks Rotary Club, said she applied for the grant because she knows Gawlets loves Vox books. And at around $80 apiece, the books certainly aren’t cheap.

“Cari had come to speak at the Rotary Club and I thought to myself that the library would always need books,” she said.

Of the eight new titles, Gawletz said his favorite was Gatewhich tells the story of a piece of toast that would like to be a dog. What the dinosaurs did last night was a close second, leaving Gawletz laughing at the book’s allusions to the 90s animated classic toy story.

Four-year-old Juniper Slade, whose mother Erin works in the library, also enjoyed Gatethough one would imagine she relied more on the interactive features than the literate Gawletz.

For more information on how to borrow Vox books and many, many print books, visit the library at 7342 Fifth St. or visit the library’s webpage at

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