What Is Debt Consolidation And Is It A Good Idea?

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Based on Experian’s 2020 Financial Research Report for 2021, U.S. consumers with credit card debt carry an average of 5,525. The average interest rate on credit cards is currently higher than by 16% consolidationnow.com – debt consolidation.

For those who are in arrears, the burden of debt and a steep annual percentage rate (APR) could be a combination in the worst way, often resulting in the cycle of high interest consumer debt that they are unable to get out of. For those who have the capacity of keep on top of monthly payments having too much credit card debt could stop them from reaching other financial goals, such as savings for the long-term.

Whatever the case the debt consolidation option is an opportunity to get rid of debt from credit cards that is far less risky than bankruptcy. All you have to do is prepare yourself to make an action plan and adhere to it until you’re debt-free. If you’re trying to be debt free for good, continue reading to learn more about how debt consolidation can benefit you.

If you’ve tried to come up with a plan to get to get out of debt or earn more money, but there’s no way to make it work it could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Through debt consolidation the goal is switching the credit card and loans balances to get new loans with higher rates and better terms, which will reduce the amount of your monthly payment or making it simpler to allot more. From your savings, you can reduce the your debt’s principal or both.

Simply, in the debt consolidation process option, you get a new loan , and then use the funds from that loan for the repayment your previous debts. You make your monthly payments for the new loan. In general there are three types of types of financial products consumers can use to consolidate debt:

  • Credit Consolidation Loans which are also referred to as personal loans, permit you to consolidate the debts you owe into a loan with an interest rate that is fixed and a an agreed-upon repayment time.
  • credit cards for Balance Transfer lets you consolidate your debts on the new credit card which provides 0 APR at a fixed period of time.
  • Equity loans for home owners will allow you to consolidate your debts into a new loan product that is backed by worth that your house is worth.

Whatever product you choose to choose, remember it is only can be effective if you don’t take on any more debt. In the event that you are consolidating debt using the aid of a personal credit card or a loan that includes balance transfer, and then continue to charge higher fees for purchases made on other credit lines it is most likely an unnecessary expense.

Debt consolidation might or may not be an excellent option. It’s all dependent on how seriously you approach the process and if you’re disciplined enough to complete it.

For example, let’s suppose you have 5,525 of credit card debt with 19% APR. In this instance you could be paying 100 per month to pay off the debt for 133 months that’s more than 11 years until the debt is fully paid. In this time you’d be paying more than $7701 in interest.

But what happens if you combine the debt of $ 5,525 to one loan? While personal loans are different, they typically allow borrowing for between 2 and seven years. Personal loans are also available with fixed rates of interest as well as fixed repayment terms and fixed monthly installments.

In this scenario you could be eligible for a personal loan of 60 months with 7percent. In this scenario you’d make an annual payment of $ 109 over 5 months (60 months). In that period you’d have to pay $1,039 in interest. This is a significant saving of more than $6,000.

It is also possible to consolidate your debt by using credit cards. It is important to remember that even though credit cards for balance transfers provide a initial 0% APR for transfer balances maximum duration currently offered can be 21-months. After this, the rate of interest will return to the standard APR, which will remain extremely high.

This is why the balance transfer option on your credit card is only an option in the case of a large amount of debt that are able to pay off within the initial period for the card. If you require longer time to get rid of debt than the balance transfer will allow you, look into taking out a personal loan instead.

Additionally, you could consolidate debt by taking out an equity loan for your home that makes use of the home’s equity as collateral. In many instances it is beneficial, considering that home equity loans come with low fixed rates along with an annual fixed payment and a predetermined repayment period. Keep in mind that you require excellent credit score to qualify for an equity loan for your home, and you could be evicted from your home if you fail to pay your loan.

However, in any of these scenarios after consolidating the debt you go overboard and end up with an additional $5,000 in debt on the same credit card that you were using prior to that, and you are unable to make the $100 in monthly installments on the debt, you’ll end with a bill of $4,985 of interest. Add that amount of interest to the additional debt of $ 5,000 and the situation will be worse than what you began with. This is why it’s crucial to be focused and avoid spending more than you can afford in the process of consolidating debt.

There are various alternatives to consolidate debt that you could think about, and some provide assistance from third party firms. For instance, you could look into applying for an Debt Management Plan (DMP) that is a process where a credit repair company assists you in negotiating interest rates and settle the debt over a certain amount of time. determined.

It is important to note that DMPs are not suitable for all There isn’t anything credit repair companies who provide DMPs can offer that you cannot accomplish by yourself. Furthermore, some credit repair companies have earned an unpopular reputation therefore, you must be thorough before you make the decision to use this method.

Another option is debt settlement that is a method that allows you to pay off your debts at a lower rate than what you have to pay. It is important to be aware that the companies that offer debt settlement will request that you stop paying off your debts while they work on behalf of you. It is not surprising that this could be a significant hazard in your credit report which could be a long-term issue.

The management of debt becomes much easier when you are able to afford a fair cost of borrowing and payment that is in line with your income. One of the main things debt consolidation is that it allows you to transfer high-interest debts to a new financial product with more favorable conditions.

Another advantage of debt consolidation is the possibility of reducing the amount of monthly payments you have to make. If you’re trying to pay several credit card balances by consolidating debt, an individual loan provider or peer-to peer lender can assist you in making the transition to a single payment each month. .

Keep this in mind: many factors determine whether debt consolidation is the right choice for you. This includes:

  • Your financial stability You’ll need excellent credit or better to be able to get personal loans at the most favorable rates and terms. If your credit score is low and you are not qualified for a loan that offers more favorable rates than you are.
  • You desire to pay back debt Management of debt takes some time, effort and complete repayment of debt could be a long time. If you’re not committed in tackling debt consolidation the loan for debt consolidation could not leave you in the ideal position.
  • Your capacity to stay clear of creating new debt In order for your debt consolidation plan to be successful, you need to stop accruing new debt. As you pay off the credit card for debt consolidation, it is recommended to only pay with cash or debit. At the minimum it is recommended to use credit only sparingly.

Should you take on debt consolidation? If you are paying for credit cards that charge high APRs, then debt consolidation might be the solution you require. Be aware that you can only be able to pay down your debt if you create an action plan and, most important, you adhere to the plan. If you apply for a personal loan , and then continue to accrue cards, you may be worse on the long-term.

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